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Banger or Bangers may refer to:


  • A firecracker or explosive firework designed to make noise
  • An origami noisemaker that produces a banging noise
  • Thundersticks, plastic balloons that are used as noise makers


  • A sausage, usually pork, with a tendency to split open with a "bang" during frying
  • A slang term for breasts
  • Jalopy (British English), an old or decrepit car i.e. "old banger"
    • Banger racing, a motorsport category using jalopy-type automobiles
  • Slang for a firearm, usually a handgun
  • Slang for an explosive, usually the Bangalore Torpedo
  • In Australia the terms Banger or G-Banger are interchangeable with G-string
  • A hard rocker (from head banger)
  • A multi-table poker tournament, normally costing 75 dollars or more
  • A gangbanger (participant in a gang bang)
  • A gangbanger (member of a gang)

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